H-E-double hockey sticks

Many folks in Durango excel at outdoor fun, but one thing we are not good at is waiting; especially for snow. Ullr may be napping, but there is no need to sit around and twiddle our thumbs. Thankfully, there is a silver, or rather icy, lining to all this cold, dry weather. Andrew's Lake, which sits at roughly 10,744 feet atop Molas Pass, currently has ice thick enough to support all forms of on-ice recreation, from pick-up pond hockey to improvised ice dancing and hot speed laps. Of course, it’s also perfectly acceptable to sit in a camp chair and take in the views with a thermos of something warm. So while we’re awaiting the arrival of the fluffy stuff, it’s good to know we can still pull off a day of triple axel fun.


Cara Kropp, left, swings Ashley Carruth during an afternoon of ice skating.

Ben Blanchard celebrates his seventh birthday on the ice.
Zamboni-free old-time hockey.
Humble pond hockey reaches new heights at 10,000 feet.