High Rollers

This year's hockey season may be slowly melting away, but the Durango Area Youth Hockey Association's supporters are staying cool by rolling dice and flipping cards for the sake of those little squirts – and pee-wees, mites and bantams. The third annual Casino Night at the Elk's Lodge last Friday night gathered family, friends and fellow hockey players to test their luck off the ice at blackjack, craps and roulette (not the Russian kind) turning the coldest table hot. Whether novice or beginner, participants were encouraged to hit and double down before crapping out, going bust or getting 86'd. Fortunately, no penalties were issued.

He shoots, he scores!

Shuffle shuffle

High Rollers
Cherie Naffziger celebrates a 21 at the blackjack table.
Just like Vegas – minus the free drinks.
The anticipation goes round and round at one of the more popular attractions of the night.