Horsing around

The Old West meets the New West in the sport of skijoring, which brings together the love of horses and the love of skiing for an adrenaline rush like no other. Last weekend, Silverton hosted its 8th annual Skijoring competition, where brave horse riders and skiers hung on tight for a wild ride down Silverton's notorious Blair Street. But skijoring isn’t just about true grit – skiers are also judged on jumps, number of rings collected, and how fast they make it through the snowy obstacle course. The two- day event features novice, sport and open rider categories, so anyone who's ever dreamed of experiencing the latest hybrid extreme sport can pull out the rock skis, work gloves and helmet, and jore till the cows come home.


Hold on tight, cowboy!

Exhibiting fine form on the slushy race course.
All the thrills of downhill skiing – and then some.
A skier catching some hoops and air during the Sport Rider portion of the Silverton Skijoring on Saturday.
Spectators find a nice mound to settle in and watch.
Multitasking at its finest.
Team work making the dream work.