Let the good times roll

It’s that time of year again. Turn up the Steppenwolf, cinch the do-rag and juice the throttle, ’cause the open road is calling. And if you’re really core, the Durango-Ignacio rally circuit is surely at the top of your to-do list this Labor Day weekend. With more action than Poison’s “Ride the Wind,” it’s no wonder that bikers have flocked to this neck of the woods year after year. To get your motor revving, here’s a gander at rallies of yesteryear:

Roasted turkey legs offer nourishment for road-weary riders. 

Just look at that chrome!

rally1 2.jpg
The Parade spans the entire length of downtown Main Ave.
Siesta before the evening's action-packed events.
Hawgs line the street in downtown Durango.