Little Einsteins

Science is as important as ever these days, and here in Durango, the Powerhouse Science Center helps us get in touch with our inner lab rat. The downtown center not only gives us an outlet to learn and explore everything from biology and geology to physics and chemistry, but also takes science on the road. Beginning in 2007, the Powerhouse’s “Sudden Science” after-school program has travelled to area schools, helping kids gets hands-on experience with stuff they may not be exposed to during the day. From turning liquid into gas to building solar cars or even dissecting animals, instructor Ziggy Lanman is sure to make plenty of fun while also turning them onto the possibility of a future in the field. For more information or to sign up for classes, visit

Sudden Science instructor Ziggy Lanman demonstrates turning liquid into gas with the help of a green balloon at Animas Valley Elementary School.
Everett Howe and Jackson Nipper prepare the next experiment.
Lanman lets Samantha Adney describe properties of liquid.
It takes some concentration from John Vickers to hold still and not spill.