Making the rounds

Durango may be small, but every now and then we can experience the big city lights when the carnival rolls through town. This year's La Plata County Fair, dubbed, "A Lasting Legacy," delivered a carnival to twirl, whirl and hurl anyone willing to step on up and have a good time. The four-day event at the La Plata County Fairgrounds gave parents, children, grandparents and friends alike the anti-gravity adrenaline rushes we're always searching for. Just watch your feet when standing under the The Hammer, you never know who's cotton candy might be splashing down. 


For the less adventurous ...

The only thing to fear is fear itself, unless it's this carnival ride, then fear is really unimpressive.
Waterboy and Bubble Boy unite as one!
The ferris wheel on acid.
The giant swings provide a gentle segue into the big stuff.
Flying high, with strings attached.
Riders of The Hammer might consider entering on an empty stomach.