Monkeying around

Why does swinging on the monkey bars have to stop once you're an adult? With the new high-intensity focused training gym in town, Jungle Gym DGO, everyone can have fun swinging from the monkey bars, ropes or rings. The gym, which is just off 15th Street, has tons of options to play around freely on anything you can climb, swing or bounce on. Classes are offered for both kids and adults with skilled instructors to help you swing your way to a stronger body while having fun.


Anya McMillen practices her cartwheels Tuesday at the Jungle Gym.

Jungle gym coach and co-owner, Dan Rohde, assists Avery Clair up a rope during a kid's class on Tuesday afternoon.
Mira McMillen climbs up the wall as Kevin Wirth spots.
Coach Kevin Wirth demonstrates proper technique on the banana monkey bars.