On thin ice

When holiday break is almost over and the sledding hills have turned to brown mush, when all the snowmen have been made, the nog drunk and the snowball fights had, what better way to entertain family and friends than a leisurely skate around Chapman rink? With a dozen opportunities for public skating every week in the month of January, there is no excuse not to lace up some blades and try out that double axle-toe loop combo, or at least try not to fall. For rates and open skate hours, go to www.durangogov.org/chapmanhill.

Getting some icesisstance.
Skating can also be a good way to break the ice, so to speak.
Speed racers play the human pylon game.
The risky but somewhat obligatory selfie.

Sticking the tongue out is known to help with balance.

Testing the waters with a wingman nearby.
A good sense of humor and a tough backside are prerequisites for beginners.
Maybe it's time for a break.