One step at a time

As our nation enters a new presidential era, it seems people of all genders, races and political views have something to say about the change of guard. Last Sat., Jan. 21, the day after inauguration day, countless people from the United States and around the world came together to march and make sure their voices were heard by the new administration on a variety of topics. And Durango was no exception, with hundreds of participants showing up, despite the snowy weather, for the Standing on the Side of Love March on Main Avenue from the train station to Buckley Park. Whether protesting the cabinet picks or supporting love and unity, Durangoans braved the snow to raise their voices and march with a purpose.

...and being Durango, many hit up the costume box first
The line of marchers heading north stretched for blocks.
Even bystanders got in on the action
Standing on the sidelines, but still participating.
A piggy back ride is a great way to stand tall.