Outta Dodge

Sometimes, during the mad rush of summer tourism season, it’s good to get the heck out of Dodge and go be a tourist somewhere else. Even if that “somewhere else” is just a little trip north of I-70. About seven hours northeast of Durango – and almost 1,000 feet higher – lies the quant town of Estes Park. With a year-round population of around 6,000, this former mining enclave at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park swells every summer with tourists clamoring for a sight of the famed peaks, local wildlife and Stanley Hotel. But for those who want to earn their views and escape the hustle and bustle, it also offers a plethora of nearby hikes. OK – so it’s a lot like our own town. But sometimes, it’s good to explore a new place where everybody doesn’t know your name. And fortunately, we live in a big, beautiful state in which to do that. 


Bouldering up toward the top to enjoy a view of the town.

Norman making it to the top of the mountain first for a well-earned swim.
Sarah Sturm is definitely not playing the tourist role. OK, maybe a little.
Sometimes, a total body sacrifice is needed to get just the right group shot.
Overlook of Estes Park from the top of an in-town mountain.