Puppy party

There is no doubt April can be stressful on the nerves, what with tax season, erratic weather and that “check engine” light that has been flashing since winter. But for Fort Lewis College students, it can be especially taxing, with the end of the year, finals and graduation looming like a dark, anxious cloud. To help lift the weight, every year Fort Lewis College’s Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC) sponsors “De-Stress Fest,” a day of relaxation and stress-reducing activities including massage, dancing, corn hole and the main attraction: puppies. Each year, La Plata County Humane Society brings around 15 adoptable puppies to roll around in the grass with students and create numerous cuddle puddles on The Quad lawn. Before long, the stress melts away into cooing noises and puppy kisses that make everyone forget life's woes. If only for a few fuzzy moments.


This pup is definitely de-stressed.

Fort Lewis student Lily Coleman is passed the adorable puppy baton.
For your anxiety-and heart-melting pleasure.
A puppy from the La Plata County Humane Society offers a welcome break from the books.