Rally the troops

Sometimes, it’s hard to get away for spring break, or even a fun weekend. Fortunately, living in the Four Corners, there’s plenty of options close to home that are just far enough away to give that “vacation” feeling. Take our unsung burg to the south, Farmington. Sure, it may be identified more with “Target runs” than outdoor recreation, but just outside the city lies a family friendly gem, the classic Road Apple trail system. Home to the famed Road Apple Rally, billed as the country’s oldest mountain bike race, the area offers 10 miles of smooth, rolling terrain that can be sectioned into rides as long or short as you like. So no one can complain about being bored – and hopefully when you’re done, there’s still time for a Target run.

Casey Roberts unloads his bike from what will become the perfect tailgating spot

The pack heads out for a group ride.

Tony Savastano assesses the run-out at the Road Apple on Sunday.
There is no such thing as too young.