Ride 'em cowboy

Western cowboy blood runs deep in these parts. And perhaps at no other time is it more apparent and celebrated than  during the annual Fiesta Days. Each year toward the end of July, Fiesta Days rustles up plenty of cowboys and cowgirls to wrangle us back to our ranching roots. For one solid week, spurs, Stetsons and big belt buckles rule the streets to relish in everything cowboy, from BBQs and pancakes to street dances and the all-important test of skills (and nerves), the rodeo. A little time at the ring is sure to give even the slickest city slicker a kick in their boots and a yee haw in their hearts.


Calf-roping: an enduring pastime.

A little cowpoke watches from the sidelines ...for now

All that time spent on the mechanical bull pays off.



Sometimes it's all about hanging on...


... and knowing when to let go


A friendly tickle in the armpit from a bull.

Starting them young in the mutton-busting contest.