Rocky Mountain High

Named after the storied Icelandic volcano, Snæfelljoskull, in Jules Verne’s A journey to the Center of the Earth, our own Mount Sneffels doesn’t quite offer a portal through which adventurous souls can descend deep into the earth’s bowels. But, what the mountain lacks in subterranean wonder, the 14,150-foot peak makes up for with its glorious high-elevation alpine splendor. Situated along the northern ramparts of the San Juan Mountains, Mount Sneffels offers those who grace its summit incredible views of Colorado’s largest mountain range, and even northwest into Utah. Here’s a look:

Be ready to encounter a variety of conditions as there is still plenty of snow up high

Cruising high on Mount Sneffels' West Ridge

Should have brought along the skis. 
Beware of "hair-to-helmet entrapment" when hugging atop a lofty summit. It's a classic scenario that could end in disaster without assistance from knowledgeable partners.