Rolling with it

When life gets hectic and crazy, sometimes it’s hard to remember to relax and go with the flow. At last Saturday's MTB Festival and Flow Trail Race at Purgatory, it was a little easier to roll with it, thanks to the resort’s new Divinity Flow Trail. The resort and bike aficionados were celebrating the one-year anniversary of the trail, Durango’s only lift-served downhill flow trail. Festivities included local cycling dignitaries, a morning cross-country tour and an afternoon of racing (chain and chainless.) And thanks to the amazing views along the way, it made for an easy reminder that sometimes it’s better to just hang on and let go.


On the flow trail, keeping the rubber on the road is optional 

Brendan Shafer and Anthony Diaz, possibly making a joke about wheel size
Coming off a berm, no pedaling required.
Loading up on the Chip Peddler truck for another lap.
Style points on the air grab
The ride with the best view.
Heading in with some speed courtesy the Chip Peddler off ramp.
It's all about momentum when there's no chain