Running with the pack

When it's cold outside, the last thing many of us want to do is take the dog for a walk. The Durango Dog Ranch sees it differently, though. The Purgatory-based dog sled touring company wants to put the excitement back into taking the pooch for a stroll through the snow. Last Sunday at the Durango Nordic Center, Dog Ranch owner Gregg Dubit hosted a dog skijoring clinic to teach folks how to harness their dog’s inner pulling instinct. All that was needed was a pair of non-metal-edged Nordic skis (metal edges can hurt you furry friend in the event of a crash) and a little dose of courage and adventure. Dubit provided the rest, including harnesses, four of his most seasoned steeds (though bringing your own was optional) and – most importantly – advice. By the end, intrepid skiers were ready to go it alone with their four-legged friends. Although the Nordic Center does not allow dogs on its trails, Vallecito does, and is now open for business. Just don't forget the poo bags, as no one likes a trip through the brown Klister.


Paige Elliott enjoys a ride around the pond at the Nordic Center.
Paige Elliott secures a harness on one of Dubit's dogs.
Zoe Freeman gets a little tug from her partner. 
Durango Dog Ranch owner Gregg Dubit pulls a harness over one of his dogs in preparation for the dog skijoring clinic at the Nordic Center on Sunday afternoon.