Running with the Wolves

Wolves: feared by some, hunted by others; loved by many. At Wolfwood Refuge, near Durango, the mission is to provide a safe refuge for unwanted or mistreated wolves and wolf - dogs and to dispel myths surrounding these majestic and oft misunderstood creatures. This is accomplished not only by bringing people to the refuge but bringing the wolves to the people, such as at last weekend's "Meet the Wolves" at 5 Branches Campground at Vallecito. Such events not only help socialize the animals but help people get an up-close and personal understanding of wolves so we can all become part of the pack.


A volunteer kisses Jill, a wolf-dog. Several volunteers have built up bonds with the animals.


Oakley gets showered with love from visitors. The purpose of the outing is not just to introduce people to the wolves, but better accustom the wolves to people.


Ambassador wolf Oakley gets up to stretch his legs.


Kodiak gets a scratch on the chin from one of the visitors at last week’s “Meet the Wolves.”