Season opener

The La Plata County Fairgrounds was a mecca for all things warm and delicious last Saturday. Almost every inch of the venue was filled with troves of cold weather treasures. Gardenswartz reliably gave us its weekend Extravaganza for all the winter weather attire and gear we "need." Meanwhile, just outside the Thanksgiving Farmers and Artisans Market provided shoppers with everything on their list to round out the feast table this Thanksgiving – while also offering shoppers some well-needed sustenance. Finally, to soften any buyer’s remorse, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was on hand to unload its not-so-perfect looking but perfect tasting chocolates for a dis- counted sugar high that would have made even Willy Wonka giddy.


An abundance of chocolate always makes the holidays a little brighter.

Gourds galore!
Checking out the goods at the Gardenswartz Extravaganza.
The final touch to any winter beverage.
Kendra Mackenbach pours a cup of hot chocolate for the thirsty masses at the Thanksgiving Farmers Market.