Sin City Rocks

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Like bruises, scrapes and sunburns, not from too much time at the hotel pool, but another of Sin City’s big draws: rock climbing. Las Vegas, known for unforgettably forgettable nights also serves as an outdoor climbing mecca, with Red Rocks National Conservation Area lying just beyond the city’s neon glow. The 300-square-mile area offers everything from sport and trad to multi-pitch climbs on rolling red sandstone boulders and sheer rock faces. And the towering cliffs provide plenty of reason to “ooh” and “ahh” at the sights. Best of all, after a weekend at Red Rocks, climbers return home with a full head of memories that will outlast any of the penny slots not to mention full(ish) wallets.


A belaying friend is a good friend.

Climbing in Las Vegas' Rec Rocks National Conservation Area
Listening to the rock for answers
A climber scopes out his next move skyward.
Lighting up the cliff faces as only the desert sun can do.

Brendan Berkowitz clips into a sport route at the Red Rocks National Conservation Area last weekend.