Smokin' guns

In the battle between New and Old West, it may seem the latter is losing. But every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the summer, the Old West comes back alive briefly at the Diamond Bell Saloon. Starting at 7 p.m. sharp, a few improv ne’er-do-wells concoct a heated verbal altercation inside the saloon that spills through the swinging doors and out on the street for a good, old-fashioned gunfight (with fake guns, of course). Whether it be a cowboy who stole another man's woman, money or pride, the scenario is sure to involve a shoot-em-up that would make Butch Cassidy proud – and maybe scare the pants off a few unsuspecting passersby. 


Steve Brown might have fallen to his supposed death, but he's got another shot in him.

Ain't no cowboy like a smokin' gun-carrying cowboy.
Nothing like pointing your gun at the sky and praying for luck.
Hans Hollenbeck puts his hands up as Garen Shaw gets the upper hand outside the Diamond Bell Saloon on Monday evening.