Spinning our wheels

It’s undoubtedly dry, but if there’s one thing we know from our time living in the South-west, complaining about the weather does nothing to change it. So instead of commiserating with your lonely skis or snowboard, why not celebrate the extended trail season? Local go-to hot spot Horse Gulch is in prime condition right now, brimming with possibilities as the temperatures remain slightly less than balmy (although perfect for an afternoon bike ride in T-shirt and shorts). Even though the calendar might say January, the temperature says October, so grab some sunscreen and a few friends and enjoy this crazy weather ride. Because Old Man Winter will be back before we know it. (Promise.) 

Sara Knight feels the berm on Stacy's.
The perfect way to get rid of that New Year's Eve hangover is a quick afternoon spin in the sunshine.
It might be January, but that doesn't mean shorts season is over.

Sarah Sturm and trusty canine lead the charge.