Stringing along

Constant spring winds and allergies are making a lot of us just want to hop a jet to Hawaii. Unfortunately, for most of us landlubbers, that's just not possible. But on Monday night at the Four Leaves Winery, it came about as close as one can get without leaving Main Avenue. About once a month, the locally based Rocky Mountain Uke Fest gathers musicians in various places to sing, sip and strum. At last Monday’s gathering, ukuleleists were lucky to strum with renowned local singer/songwriter Thom Chacon, who is known for his gritty lyrics, with just the right amount of ukulele and wine to give him a hint of sweetness.

Denise Leslie, left, and singer/songwriter Thom Chacon lead Monday night's ukulele jam at Four Leaves Winery.
Getting nitty gritty and learning to play a Thom Chacon original.
Cheers-ing to a night of friends and music.

Playing along to classics like John Prine and Tom Petty.

In case you were wondering, 2-year-old Kai Largent brought the swag.