Summertime Blues

It's hot outside, the streets are crowded, and the job (or jobs) are beginning to take a toll. Fortunately, we live in Durango with a plethora of easy and quick escapes. Ice Lakes, just north of Silverton, is like a whole other world. The 7-mile round trip hike brings hikers through wild-flowers, over streams and past waterfalls to a 12,270 foot crystal blue alpine lake. Once there, one can reflect on life or perhaps summon the bravery to strip to their skivvies and jump into the ice cold water – as its name suggest. Just don’t forget to bring a towel and a raincoat. Monsoon season is upon us, and with a 2,430-foot elevation drop down to the car, it may be a cold walk back. 


Snow banks on the water's edge offer a distant reminder of winter and a place for dogs to make snow angels.

The trail hidden inside thick skunk cabbage sometimes makes for great hide and seek.
Plenty of creek crossings to get your feet wet.
The deep turquoise water against green and red mountains gives hikers a reward to view.
A water fall cascades through high alpine wildflowers.
Colorado's state flower, the blue columbine, in full bloom.
A snaking stream heading down valley.