Surfing Safari

Though most of us have already been skimming the slush at the base of Purgatory for the last few weeks, the resort finally decided to make it official last Sunday. After a few failed attempts in years past, slope crews got serious this time: digging out a 70-foot pool, complete with launch ramp, waterproof liner and clean(-ish) water. Some 100 costumed daredevils took to the slope formerly occupied by the terrain park in all matter of contraptions, including skis, snowboards and even a duckie. A throwback to skiing’s golden era, pond skimming has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years as a rite of spring at resorts across the country. And although mostly enjoyed as a spectator sport due to the extreme likelihood of carnage, there were a few participants who managed to glide out victorious, beer still in hand.


Bathrobes: usually worn after a bath, but sometimes during.

The dreaded walk of shame
The chicken gets to the other side, possibly scrambling his eggs.
The good, the bad and the just plain painful of Purg's Gaper Day festivities
The mohawk – known to dry quickly and help with aerodynamics.
Scoring some sweet style points.
Safety is no accident
Yet another epic faceshot.