The fruits of labor

Fall is perhaps the most beloved of the four seasons in these Four Corners. Maybe it is because during this time, we get a taste of everything: mountains, desert, hot, cold, sun, rain, snow – and apple pie. When the ever-changing autumn weather rains-out weekend plans, it's easy to find the plentiful ripe fruit and convince a few friends to help peel, core, slice, roll and – easiest of all – dig in. Fall might be pretty to look at, but even more so, it sure is tasty.

A spicy-sweet mixture of apple pie filling
Sir Isaac Newton's unpicked wisdom.
A bowl of apples make for a photogenic still life before being sliced up for apple pie.
Friends who help peel apples are the best friends of all.
What better way to spend a rainy day than picking apples?
Helping hands
The morning's booty.