The hot spot: taking the edge off at the Piedra Hot Springs

Some say the Piedra River Hot Springs near Pagosa Springs are a hidden gem, but judging by the packed trailhead parking lot last weekend, word may be out. About a 45-mile drive east of Durango, the springs are an easy 1.5 mile downhill hike from the trailhead. Of course, gaining entrance in the winter and spring, when the road is closed and the trail gets muddy, is considerably more difficult. Either way, upon arrival, hikers are treated to a hot pool where they can take a breather, soak in the scenery and meet a few other friendly folk, making the climb back to the car all worth it. (And always remember to treat this delicate resource with respect, that includes no bathing, and pack it in, pack it out.) 

It's better to have to work for goals, it makes the reward all that sweeter.
Plenty of room to hang out and relax with old and new friends alike

Miriam Rollason takes a comfy seat with a view for a little R&R.

Algae can and will be encountered (an- other reason to leave the soap and lotions at home.)