Totally tubular

Whoever said life is not a competition has never met the residents of Durango – a town that can turn anything into a race for glory. And now with the help of the Durango Running Club, the days of leisure sledding are also behind us as the inaugural Uncle Clyde's Run & Slide took to the slopes last Saturday at Purgatory Resort's tubing hill. The competition was fierce with 50 teams of two running up the hill, tube in tow, and sliding back down without keeling over from exhaustion. For 90 minutes, costumed runners mushed relay style with their mates to compete for prizes including best costume, team spirit, and best cheering section. But the true winners were the ones who stuck around for that all- important glory beer.

... before the pain begins anew.
Even superheroes and bananas stuggled during the uphill section.

Don't let the tutu fool you–Jessica Arenas is all business.

A few seconds of fun ...
Ron Braselton goes shiny abominable retro to distract his competitors.
Dressing up in costume is half – maybe even most – of the fun.
Mathew Wolford cruises down the hill and works on his tan – all at the same time.
The king of the hill.