Totally tubular

What goes up must come down. But just to make sure, Uncle Clyde's Run and Slide race put that theory to the test on the Purgatory tubing hill last weekend. The second annual relay race, hosted by the Durango Running Club, included two heats, a 60-minute and a 90-minute version. The race pitted teams of two against each other to see who could crank out the most laps without throwing in the towel, or up their breakfast. As always, costumes were not required but highly encouraged – because if you're vying for king or queen of the (tubing) hill, you want to look the part.

Shaun B., part of team Pickle Juice Power, sets a blistering pace during the 90-minute relay.
Michelle Dowling might wish she was still in bed.
Kristina Siladi slightly resembles Engineer Peak as she runs past en route to another run.
At least Roxy Vojta enjoys the ride, if not the slog back up.

Don't let the short shorts, tutus and knee-highs fool you; these competi- tors are fierce.