Tourist Season: A Field Guide

The long-awaited regional return of the tourist has finally arrived! After last summer’s unfortunate wildfire altered seasonal migration patterns, the recent tourist influx is a welcome sight for local business owners as well as passionate observationists. Below is a quick reference guide to some of the characters you are likely to share habitat with over the next month.


A well placed "tourist blind" in a popular tourist area almost ensures a close encounter.

Behold the Easter power ranger. Hailing from the Great Plains, these speedy devils are best observed off-piste, at creek crossings.
This beauty is called the lesser trike, replacing grit with polish and safety. The chance to see one dwindles after 5 p.m.
A Oklahoman bushmouth examines the territory established by tell-tale patriotic goal-posts. 
With swan-like grace, the evolved appendages adorning the southern hand snatch are a sight to see.