Twenty years of fresh

Even if you don't consider yourself a "foodie" and for the life of you can't tell the difference between a leek and an onion, even if you think a beet is the rhythm of a song, or you would rather see a fly on your plate than a summer squash, Durango's Farmers Market still offers up an enticing dose of smells, colors, tastes and sounds for the culinarily challenged. Last Saturday's market brought in a few more sensations with a birthday celebration marking the 20th year of the popular summer gathering with cupcakes, balloons and even a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Led by market manager Cody Reinheimer and market founder Carol Clark, as well as a dozen or so kids, the song ended with a ceremonial blowing out of the candles and a wish for many more markets to come.  



Feeling the beet.
Cooking Matters Program Manager Erin Jolley prepares shishitos for sampling.
Fresh flowers are among the bevy of homegrown items at the market.
Carrots: pretty on the eyes and good for them, too.