Two-wheeled Triage

We've all been there: pedaling our bikes up Coal Bank to beat the train, when all of a sudden, both tires go flat. Then, just for extra fun, the chain snaps in two. And just when things can’t get worse, right on cue, the skies open up and rain, hail, snow and lighting come pelting down. OK, so maybe we all haven't been there. But long time bike mechanic Darian Harvey, of Mountain Bike Specialists, suggests such a scenario isn't completely out of the realm of possibility. And she wants all you newbs to be ready. Harvey, who has been working at MBS since 2002, conducts free bike maintenance clinics for folks who are looking to learn how to change a flat on the fly, clean and lube a chain, or tend to any bike breakdown apocalypse situation that may arise. With just a few small, hand- held tools, a little know-how and a good attitude, almost anything is manageable out on the open road or trail, which will definitely help to take some of the weight off during that first big climb.

Darian Harvey talks about proper chain cleaning techniques to keep drivetrains humming in tip-top shape.

At attentive crowd watches before getting some hands-on training during a free bike maintenence class at Mountain Bike Specialists recently.

Harvey demystifies the tricky maneuver of putting the rear wheel over the cassette and back on the bike.
That handy little lever in the bottom of your pack isn't a beer opener but helps remove the tire to fix a flat.