Up in the air

This time of year, "Red, green or Balloon Fiesta?"  seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions in New Mexico. And if you happened to be at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta last weekend, you probably understand why balloons are a long standing symbol of our neighboring state, even gracing the corner of some of those ubiquitous New Mexico license plates. This year’s fiesta was just as spectacular as ever, with nearly 500 balloons taking to the sky by morning and colorful balloon glows at night. To keep the good times floating, the fiesta provides plenty of other events as well, from live music to arts, crafts and food vendors. And if you missed it last weekend, not to worry – it's happening again this weekend, too.




The floating bright orbs draw spectators from around the world to gawk at the sky.


Not quite a clown, but scary enough


Throwing flames to start the show.


Filling with hot air at Saturday’s Twilight Twinkle Glow.


Blowing up birdie.


More than 400 balloons took to the Southwestern skies on Sunday morning


Some of the lucky ones wave to the landlubbers


A balloon festooned with the Colorado state flag rises above the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta during last Sunday’s mass ascension.