A royal flush

If you are lucky enough to be going down the Grand Canyon next week, prepare to fasten all objects. From Nov. 5 – 8, the Bureau of Reclamation will be throwing open the spigots at Glen Canyon Dam is another one of its “high flow experiments.” Releases will begin to ratchet up early Monday morning, peaking at 2 p.m. at approximately 38,100 cfs. Flows will stay at this level until Wed., Nov. 7, at which time they will once again be dialed back. As of Oct. 31, flows at Lee’s Ferry were running at 10,000 cfs.

The high flows are meant to mimic a natural flood, which will help move sediment downstream and rebuild sandbars and beaches through Glen and Grand canyons. These sandbars and beaches are important for life in and along the river. Obviously, Reclamation and National Park Service officials advise river users to exercise caution during this time. Flow information will be posted online and at multiple locations in Glen Canyon Recreation Area and Grand Canyon National Park. Note it will take up to two days for flows from the dam to reach downstream.