Barrels of fun

With the summer growing season almost upon us, it’s time to roll out the rain barrels. To help facilitate with that, 4CORE is doing a group-buy rain barrel program. Now through April 10, residents can buy a rain barrel for half off retail – $76.50 for one or $151 for two.

According to 4CORE, the benefits or harvesting one’s own rain water (which up until recently was illegal in Colorado) are many. Not only does it help conserve a precious natural resource (water) but it also preserves another precious resource (money) by helping folks save on their water bill. In addition, it helps protect local streams and rivers from run-off pollution and helps control moisture around a home’s foundation. And best of all, rain from the heavens is free of any added ammonia, fluoride and chlorine found in municipal water supplies.

To buy your rain barrel (4CORE recommends two barrels for maximum harvesting) go to