Body by Don

Body by Don

Feeling the spring break bloat? Long-time local fitness and nutrition guru Don Roberts wants to help you get over the hump.

Roberts, an FLC alum has lived in Durango since 1985 and owns 24/7 Fitness in Bodo, recently published a new book, Wellness Toolbox, based on his 27 years as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, weight management consultant and bodybuilder. The No. 1 mistake people make, according to Roberts, is thinking they can treadmill or stairmas- ter their way out of poor dietary decisions.

“You can’t out- exercise a poor diet,” says Roberts, who is well-experienced in watching people work out for years, accomplishing only minimal results.

In his book, Roberts helps de- bunks the “out-exer- cise” myth – in fact, 13 minutes a day is all most folks need to start reaping ben- efits – using science- based information, anecdotes, humor and client success stories (including the always popular “before and “after” photos.) There’s also a simple at-home workout and nutrition tips, in- cluding “Don’s Food Pyramid” (alcohol is third from the top, but hey, at least it’s on there) as well as photos from Don’s bodybuilding heyday.

However, as Don points out, one need not be a bodybuilder or extreme athlete to benefit from his book – although it might turn you into one (or at least help you keep up with the pack.) “You can apply the principles of this book to become a better climber, biker, skier, mountaineer or kayaker,” he says. “Perhaps you are a parent try- ing to figure out how to stay healthy and raise healthy kids. Maybe you are tired and unproduc- tive at work and want to feel more energetic and think more sharply. This new book teaches us all how to work smarter, not harder.”

Wellness Toolbox is available at Maria’s Book- shop, Nature’s Oasis, 24/7 Fitness and Amazon.