Dig in

In case you need an excuse to eat out, now you have one. Next week, April 16-20, is Thrive! Living Wage Coalition’s “Dine Out Durango Week.” A fundraiser for the Thrive!, six certified living wage restaurants in Durango – Eolus, Grassburger, Ore House, Ska, Smiley Cafe and Zia – will donate a portion of their profits to help make living wages a reality for all local workers.

As part of this year’s event, Thrive! is providing punch cards (available at any of the restaurants) to help measure the benefit, in terms of increased traffic, for participating restaurants. There’s a benefit to diners as well – all cards dropped with one of the restaurants by Sat., April 21, will be entered into a drawing for prizes. Hopefully for more food.

For more details, go to www.thrivelaplata.org.