Getting juiced

Local electric car owners now have one more spot to juice up. La Plata Electric Association announced this week the opening of its charging station at LPEA headquarters in Bodo Park (45 Stewart St.) The “Level II ChargePoint” stations contain four outlets available to the public. And best of all, plugging in is completely free.

“As a cooperative, LPEA always endeavors to support our members with any current concerns, but we’re also looking ahead and preparing for the future,” Mike Dreyspring, LPEA CEO, said. “Electric vehicles are shifting the transportation fuel market away from gasoline ... and we’re finding that our members are embracing these new, high-tech vehicles.”

The charging stations are located along the north edge of LPEA’s parking lot. During business hours, folks can pop into LPEA’s Customer Service Department, where Donna Arriza – a new Nissan Leaf owner herself – can answer questions.

The stations, which were financed by a $12,000 Charge Ahead Colorado grant, can fully charge a new-generation electric or plug-in hybrid in about four hours.