Put this in your pipe

From the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, comes something to chew on. According to the MED’s 2017 annual report, good old-fashioned pot smoking may be going the way of the Graffix bong. According to the report, adult use (formerly known as “retail”) edible sales rose 29 percent in 2017 over 2016. Additionally, the adult use market saw significantly more concentrates sold than the medical market in 2017.

At the same time, medical edible sales dropped 14 percent. MED also reported that the majority of new licenses issued (77 percent) were for adult-use in 2017. MED also found that the percentage of licensees passing underage sales checks rose to 95.1 percent in 2017, up from 94 percent in 2016.

For more on everything from pounds of concentrates sold, the average life cycle of a plant, and pounds of marijuana harvested, go to www.colorado.gov/pacific/enforcement/med-updates.