Raise the roof

Whoopi isn’t the only green news in Denver. Seems the city’s “Green Roof Initiative” was poised to pass with a slim margin as of press time. The initiative, which would require rooftop gardens on new buildings (and some existing ones) over 25,000 square feet, had garnered 52.17 percent of votes, according to the Denver Post.

Backers of the initiative say it will help alleviate the city’s “heat island” effect and reduce energy costs. Opponents argue that mandating rooftop gardens and solar arrays – which can be used to off-set some of the requirement – would be burden-some on builders and property owners. Not to mention the logistics of getting the weed wacker to the top floor.

According to the Toronto-based Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, over the first 40 years, the initiative will generate $1.85 billion in energy savings and other benefits.

The Denver city council retains the ultimate say, with the option of repealing or changing the initiative with a 2/3 majority vote.