Rocking the Rockports

Rocking the Rockports

Speaking of back to school, no first day is complete without the season’s hottest new fashions. And, not to be outdone by that horrific re-abomination known as mom jeans, dads are getting in on the action too.

That’s right. Unable to find anything else to riff on, fashionistas have sunk to a new low, deep into the abyss of dad’s closet, for inspiration. That’s where you’ll find this season’s must-have item ... wait for it ... dad shoes.

But we’re not talking loafers, wingtips or even Chacos here. The new “It Shoe” is the white, puffy, marshmallowy, orthopedically correct athletic affair. The ones often neatly paired with slacks, a belt and tucked-in shirt. And if you don’t believe us (or refuse to) just ask Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber and Jordyn Woods (a who of whom we’ve actually heard of) who are all adherents.

But the horror doesn’t stop there – apparently, the look is being paired with none other than thick slouchy socks and tight bike shorts. You know, for exercising. However, with some of the high-end versions costing a pretty ugly penny – a pair of Balenciaga dad shoes at Neiman Marcus goes for $895 – we’re guessing these shoes aren’t seeing a lot of gym action.

Then again, if you really wanted to emulate dad, you’d buy something way more sensible and practical, like Rockports. And, if you wanted to honor both parental units, you could go full monty and pair them with mom jeans.

But please, just don’t tell us grandpa pants are going to be the next big thing.